Platinum Plan

If a student, a full time professional, an unemployed, or a small BPO company wants to earn a competitive amount, or to make extra income, then this plan surely realize our requirements. One can work 8 to 10 hours from home, and according to the time schedule fits into his regime, like one can work in late night hours also. BPOs which are having the small scale or mid-sized operations can also apply to work on 5 or more seats. If you want to work on this plan, then only skills you should have, is the sound typing speed and a simple understanding of written English. The customized software in which you have to work on is either offline/online, that is according to your work operations. This software comprises of myriad fields, like- E-Mail address, customer name, Delivery time, Invoice no, Insurance policy no, insurance amount, basic amount. Data will be in the form of JPEG/TIFF/PDF files and in the sequential form. The submission of the work always be done as per the instructions of the company, either in a compact CD or online.

 Nature of the project

  • Convert the formats of JPEG/TIFF/PDF into the written form by the interface of customized software of the company.
  • Formats are the scanned images, with no data in written.
  • Have to follow the instructions, comes with every project.
  • Whole work has to be done on one computer system.
  • Contract is about 11 months.
  • Payment is based on Per-Form work.
  • Practices like copy, paste and editing in the software is strictly prohibited.
  • Get your work from the authentic portal on FTP server based in The United States of America.
  • Submission of work in form of email attachment of backup files with the interface of software. 

All the assignments are destined to follow a deadline. Your work is always subjected to evaluation for its quality, so you have maintained a strict accuracy to make better relations with the client. 

Fees & Refundable Caution Deposit Number of Forms for 30 days Maximum Earning per user Per Month
15000 3500 50,000/-INR (Approx)

Accuracy Meter

Note- The following are the rates as per decrease in accuracy per file of PDF/JPEG pages over the Instruction

Accuracy Meter Rate Per Form (INR)
98%-100% 25/-
95%-97.9% 20/-
93%-94.9% 12/-
90%-92.9% 6/-
85%-89.9% 2/-
65%-84.9% Rework then payment

Refundable Class

Rs-15000/- Refundable after complete the 6th Cycle.

Non-Refundable Classs

Those who”re not successfully complete the 6th cycles then they are not eligible for refunds.





Special Note: After the Agreement Company will be responsible to provide the Training and Support for entire agreement without any Charges.